Consuming Responsibly​ 2

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Stewards of our money

On Sunday the Rector reminded us that we are called to be ‘stewards’ of our resources and last week was Good Money Week.  The topic earlier this month at the Charlbury Quaker Reading Group led by Ian Cave also happened to be Money, banks and finance, where the whole basis of our financial system and of money creation in economies like the UK’s was examined.   There was an element, even in this discussion, of the now infamous ‘take back control’ slogan.  Continue reading Consuming Responsibly​ 2

Artificial Intelligence and You

Sunday 10 December 2017
7 pm at Wychwood Library

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As AI technology increasingly steps into our daily lives, simulating aspects of human intellectual, emotional and relational behaviour, we will soon face some complex and potentially troubling issues, ethical, practical, and political.  Wychwood Circle will be discussing this on Sunday, December 10th at 7pm in Wychwood Library.  We will introduce the topic with the help of a filmed talk given by an expert in the field at the Faraday Institute, Professor John Wyatt.

Consuming​ Responsibly (1)

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Our Bishop has asked us in a recent blog to be Christ-like.  Since a large part of our existence consists of consuming, from food to car miles and from clothes to where we put our money, I often worry about just how responsibly I am behaving.  In this Season of Creation, I have done my own research and made some useful discoveries which others may find helpful.  Here is just one for now.  Continue reading Consuming​ Responsibly (1)