The Ascott Village Tapestry


The Ascott Village Tapestry hangs at the back of Holy Trinity Church. It was designed and worked by residents of the village and was dedicated by Bishop Kenneth Cragg, a member of the congregation, at the Harvest Festival service held on 17th September 1995.

It is made up of 66 individual panels of nearly a million cross-stitches!  At the Dedication, Bishop Cragg (shown in the top left panel below) said that the tapestry represents

‘… our landscape and our livelihood, our story and our scene. We bind our present into the past and future, and with this work of our skill, we present ourselves, so that in life and love, we may adorn the doctrine of our Saviour Christ.’ 


The project was the brainchild of Bishop Cragg, Monica Badger, Anne Braithwaite and Joan Pratley who received professional advice from Sally Wyatt.

It was worked by: Monica Badger,Vicky Badger,Angela Bailey, Kim Barnes, Mary Barnes, Julie Barnes, Beth Beveridge, Sue Boyer, Anne Braithwaite, Leisha Braithwaite, Shona Braithwaite, Ann Burleigh, Elisabeth Campbell, Lesley Canning, Bertha Carpenter, Kenneth Cragg, Jill Greenaway, Annie Gripper, Ruth Gross, Nicky Hampton, Heather Harwood, Jack Holiday, Jean Hornby, Joan Lilly, Candida Leadbetter, Peggy McAll, Annelise Niebuhr, Kathleen Nutland, Wendy Pearse, Kathy Pearce, Mike Pearce, Pauline Plant, Joan Pratley, John Prentice, Vivian Prentice, Zena Price, Caroline Salmon, Sheila Salmon, Mary Smith, Rita Stowe, Sylvia Swann, Flo Tait and Ruth Wastie.

Tapestry 2The panels were stretched by Jan and Dave Cohan and then embroidered together by Mary Barnes, Bertha Carpenter, Nicky Hampson, Joan Lilly, Annelise Niebuhr, Isabel Moss, Joan Pratley and Ruth Wastie.

It was hung by Joan Lilly and Eric Pratley.  The central panel can be lifted for access to the ringing chamber beyond.


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