Regular Services

We are delighted to say that we can meet again for worship in person!  We will be holding a weekly Communion Service at 10 am that rotate between the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship.  Please check in our diary on the right of this page to see whether the service will be held this week.

However, all of the church buildings are open on Sundays between 10 am – 4 pm for quiet reflection and prayer.

For those unable to attend, you can join us online for a short reflective service. You can see this week’s service on our homepage. Do join us!

Welcome! We’re delighted that you have found us and hope that you will visit us soon. We are a church family made up of people from all walks of life, and we would love to meet you. Coming together for worship is central to we do. This page will give you a flavour of our regular services.

We know that worshipping at a strange church or just coming to a Church of England service for the first time can be a bit nerve-wracking. You might like to take a look at the ‘New To Church?’ page which explains what to expect when you come to church. Click here to take a look.

We would be happy to arrange for someone to meet you at the church and accompany you through the service if that would help. Then we would love you to stay for coffee and a chat. Please email or phone Mark if you want to know more – contact Mark here.

Children are always welcome! Books and toys always available.

When and where are services held?

We have services for the whole Benefice, moving around the four different parish churches in a regular pattern. You can find the services and where they are being held in the Benefice diary, or in our weekly Bulletin available to download or subscribe to here.

Regular Services on Sundays

We normally offer three types of service on Sunday mornings.

8 a.m. Book of Common Prayer Communion Service

8 am Chad 2The BCP dates from 1662 in its final form. It is the traditional service book of the Church of England and is much loved for its beautiful language. The services follow a set pattern laid down in the BCP and the services last about 40 minutes.

You can find out more here, and the Prayer Book Society has a series of videos of BCP services here.

10 a.m. Holy Communion (also called the Eucharist)

This service uses the modern language of the Church of England Prayer Book called “Common Worship”, and we commonly use the version called Order One. You can find out more here. The service lasts about an hour, and everyone is welcome to stay for coffee or tea afterwards.

10 am Chad 2This service begins with everyone being gathered together through prayers and hymns. We then listen to Bible readings and a sermon which seeks to open up the good news of the gospel. We declare our faith and pray for the world and each other. We then move to the Communion part of the service. We start by asking that we all share in God’s peace, then the priest blesses the bread and wine which we share at the altar rail. This part of the service recalls the Last Supper when Jesus shared bread and wine with his followers on the night before he died. Through doing this, we draw near to God and each other, and give thanks for all God’s gifts.

Everyone is welcome to come to the altar rail either to receive bread and wine, or for a blessing, if they prefer. Alternatively, you can just sit during this part of the service and enjoy the feeling of being in a place of prayer and peace.

We finish with prayer and a blessing before going back out into the world.

10 a.m. Shared Communion

DSCF4645This service is from Common Worship and is held approximately once a month in either Chadlington or Enstone churches. It is designed for all ages to share and uses language and pictures to make it easily accessible for children to follow. The service lasts about 50 minutes and is followed by coffee, tea and biscuits.

Other regular services

We also have a pattern of other regular services:

10 a.m. Thursday Communion

thursday commuionThis short Common Worship service is held on the first Thursday of each month in Chadlington. It attracts a smaller congregation and is less formal than the normal Sunday Communion service. It lasts about 30 minutes and finishes with a chance to sit and chat over a cup of tea and a slice (or two) of cake.

Friends @ 4

PrintFriends @ 4 are services specially designed to bring families and friends together for an hour of play, praise, prayer, and tea. They are fun-packed time for the whole congregation and are held occasionally in either Chadlington or Enstone on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm. Dates for these services can be found in the Benefice diary or contact the clergy  here for more details.

12.30 Jesus Prayer

IMG_4187An opportunity to say the Jesus Prayer is held fortnightly at Chadlington on Thursdays. It is an ancient form of prayer which repeats a simple sentence ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner’. Some people use a prayer rope to keep themselves focused on the prayer, but it isn’t necessary. It is a simple way to enter into prayer with God, to bring your concerns and anxiety to him and find a peaceful place to know God’s mercy.

6.30 Sunday Evening Service

Enstone Sanctury 1We occasionally offer a short evening service about which may take different forms, such as Evensong, Quiet Prayer, or Taizé. They are designed to be quiet, reflective services. You can find information about specific services and dates in the Benefice diary or in our weekly Bulletin available to download or subscribe to here.

Maundy Thursday and Harvest Services and Suppers

MThursday 6For Maundy Thursday and Harvest, we come together from across the Benefice for special services in either Chadlington or Enstone.  These moving services take place around tables set up in the Nave of the Church.  The supper is interspersed within parts of the Communion service, and Communion is shared around the table.

Serving the villages of Chadlington, Ascott-under-Wychwood, Spelsbury and Enstone