Lead thieves strike in Chadlington

DJI_0193 copyfb.jpeg

Sometime between Sunday 3 and Tuesday 5 July, lead thieves stripped three-quarters of the lead from the south aisle of Chadlington Church. It was clearly a highly professional job – not only did they smash the security lights around the church they were also very neat! Mercifully, the weather has been kind and the roof has been made weatherproof whist we make arrangements for its replacement.

Please be very vigilant around all our churches and report anything out of the ordinary.  Chadlington is the fourth church to be hit in this Deanery in recent months.

DJI_0197 copyfb.jpeg


2 thoughts on “Lead thieves strike in Chadlington”

  1. This is nearly a month ago – you must mean July – because there was no hint of anything wrong at the recent Music Festival concerts. How sickening – Jill


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