Training for Ministry


Picture of + Colin with new LLM’s – November 2014

An extra meeting of the JPCC was called on 20th October, not because of any dire church emergency, but to consider the very exciting news that Ilona wished to be nominated for training as a Licensed Lay Minister (LLM) in the Benefice.  Mr John Leach, the Lay Ministry Adviser for Dorchester Archdeaconry, was present to give a short talk about LLM ministry and training.  There was, of course, unanimous support from the JPCC for Ilona’s nomination.  LLMs are also known as Lay Readers in some dioceses.  It is a calling by God to preach, teach, lead worship, and assist with pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work.  The theological and practical training takes three years, at the end of which LLMs are Licensed by the Church.

We send our best best wishes to Ilona as she prepares for the selection process next month and assure her of our continuing support and prayers.

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