Christmas Tree Decorations

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TOPSY Foundation UK

Since 2001 TOPSY has made a significant difference to the lives of thousands of HIV-affected children, women and men living in a poor rural area of South Africa. TOPSY UK’s main aim is to raise funds and awareness to aid the work of its namesake in South Africa, TOPSY SA, where the recent focus of their work has been for the holistic care of orphaned and vulnerable children; the provision of food security to communities threatened by malnutrition; and income generation to help alleviate poverty.

Women from the communities produce a wide range of beadwork including a most appealing Christmas range of small decorations featuring stars, angels and Christmas Trees.  Attractively priced at between £1 and £3, items will be available to buy over coffee after our 10am services, and on Sunday 4 December one of the charity’s trustees has been invited to give a brief introduction to the work of the charity after the service Spelsbury.  Items will also be available at the Christmas Bazaar, Tiddy Hall, Ascott on 9 December, 6 – 10pm.  Do support this very good cause!

Testing, Testing, Transforming lives
Outreach, Ownership, Opportunities for the future
Prevention, Provision, Participation, Progression
Social care, Skills, Self-Sufficiency in Communities
Young lives are nurtured through education and care

More information at or for sales of the decorations please call  07811 361304 

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