A Christmas Greeting


Happy Christmas!

Thank you for being part of the church family
in this Benefice over the last year.
Thank you to everyone who helped out this year: 
it has been a wonderfully busy one
with exciting things happening in the Benefice and our villages.
Thank you to those who give of their time
and those support us financially – we couldn’t do it without you.
Thank you to those who just show up when you can,
it is great to have you among us!

With every blessing for Christmas
and the New Year.


The Benefice Choir sang some lovely pieces at our Carol Services this year. You can hear a recording of them singing a traditional Catalan carol by clicking here.

There will be a service on Sunday 1 January 2017

in Spelsbury Church at 10.00 am



A Prayer for Christmas

‘When the world was dark
and the city was quiet,
you came.

You crept in beside us.

And no one knew.
Only the few who dared to believe
that God might do something different.

Will you do the same this Christmas Lord?

Will you come into the darkness of tonight’s world?;
not the friendly darkness,
as when sleep rescues us from tiredness,
but the fearful darkness
in which people have stopped believing
that war will end,
or that food will come,
or that a Government will change,
or that the Church cares?

Will you come into the darkness
and do something different
to save your people from death and despair?

Will you come into the quietness of this village,
not the friendly quietness
as when lovers hold hands,
but the fearful silence
when the ‘phone has not rung,
when the letter has not come,
the friendly voice no longer speaks,
the doctors face says it all.

Will you come into the darkness
and do something different,
not to distract, but to embrace your people?

And will you come into the dark corners
and quiet places
of our lives?

We ask this not because we are guilt ridden
or want to be,
but because the fullness our lives longs for
depends on us being as open and as vulnerable to you
as you were to us,
when you came,
wearing no more than nappies,
and trusting human hands
to hold their maker.

Will you come into our lives,
if we open them to you
and do something different?

When the world was dark
and the city was quiet
you came.

You crept in beside us.

Do the same this Christmas, Lord.
Do the same this Christmas.’

Taken from ‘Cloth for the Cradle’, Wild Goose Worship Group

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