Farewell to the Hendersons



On Saturday 7 January about 60 people from across the Benefice gathered in Enstone Village Hall to wish Jane and Ian Henderson well as they move to their new home in Witney.

Jane and Ian moved to Enstone back in 1993 and since then have played a big part in both in the parish of Enstone and, since its formation in 2001, the Chase Benefice.  They will be missed by us all – but as Witney is only just down the road we hope that they will visit regularly.



As part of our farewell we sung a hymn that Rosy Nixon had written especially for Ian – to the tune Abbott’s Leigh [Glorious things of thee are spoken].

In the early nineteen nineties,
Ian and Jane moved here to live.
Done with work but still in his fifties
Ian had plenty yet to give.
To the church he gave his attention,
Nothing short of a full-time role.
Tasks and lists of any dimension
Gave them his time with heart and soul.

When we couldn’t make a decision
in the Enstone PCC,
he would say without derision,
‘Here’s the minute for you to see:
It says we decided this action.’
‘Oh,’ we cried, ‘how plain and clear.
We have the greatest satisfaction
with the way you guide and steer.’

Reading, chalice, intercessing,
rotas, raffles, lunches and groups;
leading, chairing, all tasks addressing,
even jumping diocesan hoops.
Singing, speaking, writing and mowing,
using every gift and skill,
Ian has strived to keep the church growing,
working together to do God’s will.

Now to Witney they’re retiring,
time to sit and rest awhile.
No more rota gaps requiring
Ian to go the extra mile.
Though we hope that they will settle
in their smart and new abode,
if with idle moments you wrestle,
tasks abound just down the road!

Rosy Nixon 2017

They go with our thanks, love and prayers and a print of a watercolour painting of the churches of the Benefice so they don’t forget us!


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