A Special Baptism

We love Baptisms in the Chase Benefice!

Recently, we had a very special one at Holy Trinity Church, Ascott-under-Wychwood for 11-month-old twins, Samuel and Isaac.  They were born three months premature, weighing just 2lb 12oz and 3lb, and spent the first two months of their lives in hospital.  Since then, Isaac has had another spell in hospital but has recovered well and is now catching up his bigger brother!

The boys are the children of Shona and Ron who we had the privilege of marrying at Ascott back in 2010.  Shona was herself baptised at Holy Trinity as a child and grew up in the village.  They have made their home in Cornwall so it was a real joy to be able to share this important service with them and to welcome their miracle boys into the family of the Church.

With Ron and Shona’s permission, here are some pictures of the happy event.


Ascott bapt 01
Isaac about to be baptised, with Samual watching with interest!
Ascott Bapt 02
The moment of baptism!
Ascott Bapt 03
Prayers of ‘blessing’ written by the congregation on actual footprints from the boys.  These prayers have now been made into ‘Wordle’ pictures as a keepsake for each of them.
Ascott Bapt 04
Ron and Shona with their miracle boys and very proud grandparents.


One thought on “A Special Baptism”

  1. The name of the Lord be praised for ever. What a faithful God we have. Ron & Shona, may those two lads Isaac and Samuel bring the blessings God has put in them here on earth.

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