Friends @ 4


At 4pm on Sunday 13 October, a group of families met at Enstone Church for the first Friends @ 4 gathering. Through play, praise and prayer we explored the theme of Shelter.

At this time of year, animals are preparing for winter and looking for somewhere safe and warm, perhaps in our churchyard or in our gardens. We did a treasure hunt to find animals inside the church, in our stained glass windows and mosaic, and also looked for soft toys that had been hidden.

hunt 3 copy

hunt 1 copy

hunt 2 copy

In Psalm 84 we heard that birds made their nests in the Temple, and considered what it means to be sheltered by God. We made bug hotels for the insects in our gardens and created shelters using blankets and chairs. 



shelter 3 copy

Before tea, we sang the ‘Superman grace’, led by Mark! We had a final prayer and blessing after tea.

tea 1 copy

We enjoyed spending time with each other, across the wide range of ages.  A collection at the end of our time together raised £34 for the Church Homeless Trust.

We are planning more Friends @ 4 gatherings in the New Year. Drop us a line here if you would like details.



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