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Artificial Intelligence and You

Sunday 10 December 2017
7 pm at Wychwood Library

Dec 2017 AI poster as jpg

As AI technology increasingly steps into our daily lives, simulating aspects of human intellectual, emotional and relational behaviour, we will soon face some complex and potentially troubling issues, ethical, practical, and political.  Wychwood Circle will be discussing this on Sunday, December 10th at 7pm in Wychwood Library.  We will introduce the topic with the help of a filmed talk given by an expert in the field at the Faraday Institute, Professor John Wyatt.

Charlbury New Economy Reading Group​


Our friends at the Charlbury Quaker Meeting invite you to join their stimulating reading group. The Reading Group meets for an hour each month to discuss each of the Quaker “Building the New Economy” booklets. These are all focused around how we can move towards a more sustainable economy which doesn’t rely on consuming our natural resources and economic growth every year. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree in economics to understand this because each booklet is written for beginners. Continue reading Charlbury New Economy Reading Group​

Truth, Trust and (Artificial) Intelligence

In the 1630s a group of intellectuals known as the Great Tew Circle met a short distance away from the Chase Benefice to champion the use of reason in the religious polemics of the time. At Wychwood Circle we could say we are focused on exploring the use of religion as well as reason in the political, moral and technological upheaval of our own time.

What can we know?

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Lent Supper – Praying the Jesus Prayer

Jesus Prayer

Lent Suppers 2017

Our second Lent Supper on the theme of Prayer was held last Thursday. This time we concentrated on the ancient Jesus Prayer used in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. We touched on many fascinating topics, including the Desert Fathers and Mothers, praying through icons, and worship practices in Ethiopia. We finished the evening with a session of the Jesus Prayer.

The Jesus Prayer is a wonderful way of centring oneself, particularly when you need to find calm and focus at times of anxiety or disturbance. It can be used to pray for oneself and also for others. You can say the prayer at any time, whatever you are doing. If you would like more information, try here or here, or read The Jesus Prayer by Simon Barrington-Ward. If you would like to borrow the book, please contact Ilona or Mark. There are also some prayer ropes left over! If you would like one, please let Ilona know.

This week [23 March] we look at the use of music in prayer and next week [30 March] Ignatian Spirituality. Please join us if you can. If you haven’t already signed up, please let Mark know [01608 676572 or online here.]