Epiphany Reflection


Like the morning in the wing draws the dawn across the day
Like the glow upon the faces of children at play
Like the splendour of the love love held within the lover’s eyes
Are the rare and shining moments that brighten our lives
They sparkle and dance, then grow pale and fade away
But we hold them in our hearts and they warm a colder day
And give thanks for their gift and the promise they say
Of the chance to be surprised by the glory in the grey.


In the sweet familiar round of ordinary things
In the quiet reassurance that carefulness brings
In the blessing if the bread and the friendships that we share
In the everyday obedience of just being there
There is grace beyond measure and charm beyond compare
We are served in every moment by someone else’s care.
Oh give thanks for the life and the wisdom to say
We have power to discover the glory in the grey


When the shadows close around and we stumble on our way
And the Ashes of our dreams grow cold and grey
When the broken bread of life is bitter to the taste
And the ground on which we stand becomes a barren waste
In these moments of death, something new is coming to birth
And the rose of love grows strongest upon the blackest earth.
Oh give thanks for the love and the freedom to say
We are sharers in creating the glory in the grey.

Taken from Talking to the Bones by Kathy Galloway © SPCK Publishing, 1996