Candlemas Prayer


presentation on panel

Image: Presentation by Nick Mynheer, 2014

Candlemas Prayer

I left my candle burning. Lit from light
Borrowed from another,it stood there
Witness to Christ, Light of the world;
Prayer that light would overcome darkness.
As I left, another lit a candle from my light,
Dispelling gloom with added strength.
Who knows how many joined their light to those,
Or drew fresh courage from their company;
Who knows how many took a step, drawn by the
Light of Christ from darkness to new life?

Lord Christ, set me on fire.
Burn from me all that dims your light,
Kindle an answering flame in lives around;
That darkness may be driven back,
And glory stream into this world,
Transforming it with love.

Ann Lewin, from Candles and Kingfishers © Ann Lewin, 1997