From GWR to MMM

Ascott11Ascott is lucky to have a beautiful, even serene, ancient building and churchyard right in its midst.  While religion and ritual are not for everyone, fortunately, the church at the centre of our village welcomes everyone and anyone at any time (the door is locked at dusk).  

The monthly mid-week ‘meditation’ was timed from its outset to coincide with the arrival of the train from Oxford and London.  What better way to ease stressed commuters into their more relaxing evening than to offer half an hour of silence and reflection? 

There is a surprising number of books on silence, and probably even more on meditation, contemplation, living in the present, and so on.  One example has this on silence: ‘it is essential to our spiritual and general well-being sometimes to take time out, to be quiet for a bit, and give ourselves a chance to see things as they are’. 

Why do this with others? Meditation may be about a lot of things, reflection, mindfulness, self-knowledge, but it can also be about connection.  ‘To be silent is to put things into perspective and cultivate the detachment we need in order to be more truly connected’.

Those of us who know our railway provider of old, formerly FGW and now GWR, may have spent many happy minutes waiting for its reliably late departure from Oxford by thinking up alternative labels  – ‘Getting Worse Really’ being a personal favourite.  Join us at MMM (Mid-Month Meditation) and maybe those initials can be transformed into: 

Getting over the stress of the day
Winding down
Resting, Reflecting, or Reconnecting   

Join us for 10 minutes or 20 or 30, beginning at around 6.05pm on the third Tuesday of each month; sit quietly with others to ponder or wonder or just find some stillness; you’ll be very welcome. 

David Soward


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