Concert by Magpie Lane





SATURDAY 21 MAY at 7.30pm

In aid of the Friends of All Saints Church, Spelsbury

Magpie Lane is a long established and highly regarded 5 piece Folk Band based in Oxford, specialising in traditional English songs and dance tunes. They give regular concerts in the Holywell Music Rooms and at folk festivals around the country. See their website

Admission is £12 to include a free drink on arrival
£10 for Friends of All Saints Church

A cash bar and small eats will be available during the interval

Tickets and more details here

Songs for all seasons

Sunday 8th May 2016 at 6.oo pm

Concert by the Benefice Choir


‘Music is well said to be the speech of angels.’

So said Thomas Carlyle, and if you agree with him, then do come to hear your local angels, aka The CHASE Benefice Choir.

We invite you to St Nicholas Church, Chadlington, on Sunday 8 May at 6pmfor a short concert of the traditional and contemporary anthems we sing at services through the year. Refreshments will be served to enhance the heavenly ambience.

There will be a retiring collection to raise funds for new music.

Candlemas Prayer


presentation on panel

Image: Presentation by Nick Mynheer, 2014

Candlemas Prayer

I left my candle burning. Lit from light
Borrowed from another,it stood there
Witness to Christ, Light of the world;
Prayer that light would overcome darkness.
As I left, another lit a candle from my light,
Dispelling gloom with added strength.
Who knows how many joined their light to those,
Or drew fresh courage from their company;
Who knows how many took a step, drawn by the
Light of Christ from darkness to new life?

Lord Christ, set me on fire.
Burn from me all that dims your light,
Kindle an answering flame in lives around;
That darkness may be driven back,
And glory stream into this world,
Transforming it with love.

Ann Lewin, from Candles and Kingfishers © Ann Lewin, 1997


Epiphany Reflection


Like the morning in the wing draws the dawn across the day
Like the glow upon the faces of children at play
Like the splendour of the love love held within the lover’s eyes
Are the rare and shining moments that brighten our lives
They sparkle and dance, then grow pale and fade away
But we hold them in our hearts and they warm a colder day
And give thanks for their gift and the promise they say
Of the chance to be surprised by the glory in the grey.


In the sweet familiar round of ordinary things
In the quiet reassurance that carefulness brings
In the blessing if the bread and the friendships that we share
In the everyday obedience of just being there
There is grace beyond measure and charm beyond compare
We are served in every moment by someone else’s care.
Oh give thanks for the life and the wisdom to say
We have power to discover the glory in the grey


When the shadows close around and we stumble on our way
And the Ashes of our dreams grow cold and grey
When the broken bread of life is bitter to the taste
And the ground on which we stand becomes a barren waste
In these moments of death, something new is coming to birth
And the rose of love grows strongest upon the blackest earth.
Oh give thanks for the love and the freedom to say
We are sharers in creating the glory in the grey.

Taken from Talking to the Bones by Kathy Galloway © SPCK Publishing, 1996

Christmas in pictures

We had a fantastic Christmas in the Benefice this year with record numbers at all our services.  One of the highlights was having three week old baby Isaac as Jesus at the Chadlington Crib Service!

Thank you to all those who worked hard to make it so special.  Here are some memories ….



Enstone School singing Away in a Manger

Joy to the World from the Enstone Carol Service – with handbells!

The Longest Night

The 21 December is the longest night of the year.  It is cold and dark and the warm balmy evenings of summer seem a long way away.

Over the past few weeks we have been remembering in prayer all those who find Christmas difficult.  Dealing with the loss of a loved one, facing life after divorce or separation, coping with the loss of a job, living with an illness that puts a question mark over the future. Things like this make the joviality of celebration painful for many people who feel ‘down’ at Christmas. It is good to be able to
acknowledge these feelings and to bring them to God.

The author Jan Richardson has written a beautiful piece of prose that offers healing and hope.

May the presence of Christ our Light, who goes with us in the darkness and in the day, be yours this Christmas.

Mark Abrey


Blessing for the Longest Night

longest night

All throughout these months
as the shadows
have lengthened,
this blessing has been
gathering itself,
making ready,
preparing for
this night.

It has practiced
walking in the dark,
traveling with
its eyes closed,
feeling its way
by memory
by touch
by the pull of the moon
even as it wanes.

So believe me
when I tell you
this blessing will
reach you
even if you
have not light enough
to read it;
it will find you
even though you cannot
see it coming.

You will know
the moment of its
by your release
of the breath
you have held
so long;
a loosening
of the clenching
in your hands,
of the clutch
around your heart;
a thinning
of the darkness
that had drawn itself
around you.

This blessing
does not mean
to take the night away
but it knows
its hidden roads,
knows the resting spots
along the path,
knows what it means
to travel
in the company
of a friend.

So when
this blessing comes,
take its hand.
Get up.
Set out on the road
you cannot see.

This is the night
when you can trust
that any direction
you go,
you will be walking
toward the dawn.

© Jan Richardson, from

Image: Longest Night © Jan Richardson used with permission

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